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Pressure on ‘Jewish Home’ Party as Destruction Looms

The Jewish Home party is facing growing pressure over the threat to Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria, with residents of the region calling on MKs to make their issue make-or-break for the coalition.

The Yesha (Judea and Samaria) Council voted unanimously Thursday to call on Jewish Home MKs to make it clear that if a Jewish town or neighborhood is destroyed, they will leave Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government. Yesha Council head Danny Dayan called party head Minister Daniel Hershkowitz and faction head MK Uri Orbach to inform them of the council’s decision.

Orbach and Dayan agreed to bring the Jewish Home and Yesha Council together Monday for a meeting in which the latter group will present its demands.

“It’s beyond belief that families could be thrown into the streets, entire towns could be destroyed needlessly, and a religious-Zionist party could bear partial responsibility,” Dayan told Arutz Sheva. “We do not want to break up the coalition, but we have an obligation to prevent this expulsion.”

In the meantime, residents of communities under threat are not waiting for the Yesha Council, but rather, have taken their own steps to seek the Jewish Home party’s support. Minister Hershkowitz will spend the Sabbath with families from Givat Assaf at his doorstep.

The families traveled from their homes in the Binyamin region to Hershkowitz’s home in Haifa in order to draw attention to their plight – and to hint at the pressure that the Jewish Home will face if it allows demolitions in Judea and Samaria to continue.

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