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President Peres Invites Israel to His Sukkah Party

President Shimon Peres has issued an open invitation to the entire House of Israel to his sukkah party next week, during the Chol Hamoed interim days of the seven-day (eight outside of Israel) Sukkot holiday, which begins this Wednesday evening at sundown.

The presidential sukkah, as others around the country, commemorates the tabernacle booths that sheltered the Israelites as they traveled to the Promised Land after their flight from Egyptian slavery.

Hotel rooms in the capital are packed as they are elsewhere around the country, and tourists as well as Israelis with children, are always looking for things to do during the interim days of the holiday.

In Jerusalem, the president will open his sukkah to parents and their children on Monday, October 17 from 8:30 a.m. To 12:00 noon while Israel’s finest musicians and dancers entertain the visitors.

Families will also have the rare privilege of being able to tour the president’s official residence, where a special display of Israel’s space program offers an exhibit of mini satellites and missiles.

Information about the latest in the country’s agricultural advances will also be on display, as President Peres mingles with the guests.

It is important, noted the president’s spokesperson, for all visitors to present personal identification when arriving at the main entrance to the residence, located at 3 Rehov HaNasi, Jerusalem.   

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