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Police Arrest Suspected Third Accomplice in Copenhagen Attacks

Danish police said they arrested Friday a third alleged accomplice in the Copenhagen shootings, nearly two weeks after the attacks that killed two people.  

The suspect is “charged with complicity in the perpetrator’s actions” and will appear before a judge on Saturday for a custody hearing, police said in a statement.

Two other men who allegedly helped Islamist gunman Omar El-Hussein were arrested shortly after the February 14-14 attacks and have been ordered to be detained until March 26.

El-Hussein was shot dead by police after his shooting spree that send fresh shockwaves across Europe after the Islamist attacks in Paris in January.

The gunman killed Danish filmmaker Finn Noergaard outside a cultural center hosting a debate on Islam and free speech before opening fire at a synagogue, killing Jewish volunteer security guard Dan Uzan. 

El-Hussein had been released from prison two weeks before the attacks after serving a term for aggravated assault, raising fears he may have become radicalized behind bars.

AFP contributed to this report.

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