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No entry to Jordan if you look Jewish

At the end of last week a group of tourists from Israel received permission to pray at the tomb of Aaron, brother of Moses, which is in Jordan. However, Jordanian officials refused to let them through with anything that marks them as Jewish, according to a Channel 2 news report.

The visitors wanted to enter Jordan with Yarmulkes, prayer shawls and prayer books, but Jordanian security forces told them they will not be allowed into Jordanian territory with any sort of Jewish paraphernalia, including any text written in Hebrew.

The Israeli tourists had tried to hide all the paraphernalia from view in their bags, but it was all discovered during security screenings.

The Foreign Ministry announced that it will look into the matter, and stated that this kind of conduct goes against all agreements between Israel and Jordan.

This is not the first time Jews have been asked to remove anything that will identify them as Jewish before entering the territory of Jordan. Last December, a religious-Zionist family from Jerusalem was barred from entering Jordan with their Yarmulkes on, because this would pose a threat to their safety.

The Jordanian soldiers asked the family members to take off their Yarmulkes and hand them over. The Israelis tries to explain that they have no intention of touring around Jordan with their headdress readily visible, but to no avail. Another young man was trying to cross the border with a Teffilin that were discovered in the baggage screening. He was also not allowed to enter Jordanian territory.

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