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New York Sculpture Memorializes Munich Massacre

The Jewish Community Center (JCC) of the metropolitan New York city of Rockland has unveiled an 8-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture in memory of the 11 Israeli athletes massacred by Black September terrorists at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

The sculpture is an abstract rendering of the Olympic torch and bears the names of the athletes and coaches who were murdered.

“It is a flame that cannot be extinguished,” JCC Chief Executive Officer David Kirschtel told a crowd of hundreds who had gathered in front of the JCC’s entrance earlier this week, the (Lower Hudson) website reported. “It rests on the shoulders of athletes who can never be forgotten.”

The JCC will host the Olympic-style JCC Maccabi Games next August and showed support for the athletes’ relatives who have not been able to persuade the world Olympics officials to remember the victims with a minute of silence.

They hope to succeed next year, when the London Olympics will be held 40 years after the massacre.

Ben Berger, 94-year-old father of his son David who was one of the victims after having moved to Israel, recalled that his son, who was a weightlifter and other Israeli athletes befriended their competitors, including those from the Soviet Union, which was far from being a friend to Israel.

“Athletes get along well,” he said. “It’s the countries themselves that are the problem.”

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