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Netanyahu vows: We will destroy Otniel terrorist’s home

Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the town of Otniel on Tuesday and paid his respects to the family of Dafna Meir who was killed on Sunday night when a 16 year old terrorist stabbed her in front of her children.

“I met a wonderful family who possesses enormous spiritual strength. They are Zionist, patriotic, personable, and they have lost a wonderful mother and spouse. I believe that everyone who has seen even a picture of Dafna immediately reacts to the amount of light that she gave off. Anyone who heard about her and about her tremendous ability to give back to others, knows that she was indeed a very special person.”

“People can get a very strong sense of someone when they hear a story, or see a picture. They immediately understand how special and unique a person was taken from us. I found the same type of uniqueness in the souls of Natan and the children. They asked only one thing of me, that I continue to strengthen and uplift Israel.”

“At this point I say that not only will we continue to fight against our enemies and destroy the house of the terrorist who committed this act, and revoke the visas of Palestinian workers as well as carry on with all of the other activities that the IDF, who caught this terrorist, is involved in.

“But I need to say something else. Whomever wants to understand the truth that lies at the heart of the Palestinian conflict with Israel, should come to Otniel. You should meet this incredible family that only wants to live in mutual peace. And you should then look and see the incitement of the Palestinian youth who come to kill women. Here a mother of  six children. In Tekoa a pregnant woman. The Palestinian youth come to kill them and say: We will kill all of you. In Tel Aviv as well as in Yaffo. That is the truth.”

“You have humanity and a desire for coexistence on one side, and unbridled hatred that knows no borders on the other. This hatred has a source. It is due to the incitement by the Palestinian Authority and other bodies such as the Islamic Movement and Hamas, and it is time that the international community stops their hypocrisy and calls the child by his name.”

Netanyahu emphasised that “the source of the conflict is a refusal to accept the existence of a Jewish state in its homeland. Here [in Otniel], in Tel Aviv and everywhere else. I want to spread this truth to the world. And I want us to stand up for this truth, because in the end, the truth will win, and so will we.”

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