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Netanyahu: Voting for the Dead Sea Will Help Tourism

In a last effort to encourage votes for the Dead Sea as one of the new seven wonders of nature, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has released a video in which he emphasizes the wonderful effect that having the Dead Sea win will have on tourism.

Netanyahu says that having the Dead Sea chosen would not just be beneficial for Israel.

“If the Dead Sea gets voted in, it could mean a big boost in tourism for Israel, for Jordan and for the Palestinian Authority,” he says. “And it could be a big boost for expanding economic cooperation at a time of great instability in our region.”

“Economic growth fosters stability,” Netanyahu notes, “and that is something we all have a keen interest in.

The Dead Sea is a popular attraction for tourists from all over the world, not only for its low-UV sunlight and oxygen-rich air, but also for its healthful mineral-rich waters. The combination of the two is known to be useful as a remedy for psoriasis and other medical conditions.

Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov has already noted the effect that winning this competition would have on Israel’s tourism.

The contest ends in less than two days – on Friday, November 11 (11.11.11). To vote, visit

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