‘Moving to the Likud? Nonsense’

July 30, 2016  

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked denied rumors she is considering a departure from the Jewish Home party due to growing tensions between herself and Education Minister Naftali Bennett.

Speaking on Israel’s “Meet the Press”, Shaked responded to questions regarding the conflict within the cabinet during the 2014 Gaza conflict, and claims a split between her and Jewish Home chief Naftali Bennett could lead her to abandon the party.

“That’s complete nonsense that a couple of Likud activists are spreading,” the Justice Minister said. “Bennett and I are working together to enlarge our party as much as possible”.

Shaked also backed up assertions by Bennett that the cabinet had held no in-depth meetings regarding the threat of Hamas terror tunnels prior to the 2014 Gaza conflict, a claim Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has firmly denied.

“I was not a member of the previous cabinet,” she said, “but this cabinet is holding meetings on the issue of the tunnels.”

Shaked added that Bennett’s statements were in line with comments by former Finance Minister Yair Lapid, who was a member of the cabinet at the time.

“I recommend that we wait for the Comptroller report on the matter and not leak statements like this.”

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