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Mother of Sbarro Victim: This Ongoing War is Killing Us

The mother of a victim of the Sbarro bomb massacre, one of whose terrorists is to be freed, says, “This ongoing war is killing us.” 

Malka Chana (Malki) Roth, 15, from Jerusalem and originally from Melbourne, was one of 15 people murdered in the bombing of the restaurant in the center of Jerusalem in August 2001.

Ahlam Tamimi, the first woman to join Hamas and the person who drove the suicide bomber who carried out the suicide bombing at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem in August of 2001, was sentenced to 16 life terms in prison but is to be freed along with 1,026 other terrorists and security prisoners to win the return of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

Frimet Roth, her mother, wrote on her “This Ongoing War” website Wednesday after learning of the Cabinet’s approval, “Our daughter Malki, murdered at the age of 15 in a restaurant massacre in Jerusalem, was a victim of jihadist hatred and barbarism. For jihadism and terrorism to end in Israel, in New York, in Madrid, in London and everywhere else, people first need to understand the scale on which it is happening. This ongoing war is killing us.”

Official Palestinian Authority media recently stated, “We wish her (Tamimi) freedom – she and [the rest of] our glorious female prisoners.”

An additional fourteen innocent victims of the murderer’s bottomless hatred died in the terror attack she instigated, with 130 people injured. The murderer is not sorry. It’s reasonable to think she will seek to do the same again, and will encourage others to follow her example.

“There are celebrations tonight in the same streets that sent us these barbarians. The murderer has this evening been handed a life to live – the life of a hero, an inspiration. And the government that prosecuted this monstrous woman has agreed to the satanic transaction. We are left speechless.”

She recalled Tamimi’s statements after her arrest and conviction: ”I’m not sorry for what I did. I will get out of prison and I refuse to recognize Israel’s existence.”

The terrorist’s comment was prophetic.

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