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MK Eldad: Leftists Want to Rule, Although they Are a Minority

MK Aryeh Eldad criticized Israel’s left-wing parties on Tuesday and accused them of trying to rule the country despite the fact that the left is now a minority.

The left has widely criticized a proposed bill that would require candidates for Israel’s Supreme Court to be vetted by a Knesset committee, similar to the U.S. Senate review of Supreme Court Justices.

The main claim is that the bill would undermine judicial independence and constituted an “assault on democracy.” It is unclear how Israel’s democracy would be undermined by the bill, since many democracies with highly independent courts, including the United States, require those nominated for sensitive and influential judicial positions be vetted by lawmakers.

“The left is trying to rule Israel even though they lost the elections,” Eldad told Arutz Sheva. “They’re trying to keep ruling through the media, through the Supreme Court, and through the financial system, even though they are a small minority in Israel.”

He explained that the purpose of the latest legislation is to ensure that the Supreme Court does not overrule legislation passed by the Knesset, as has been the case until now. The new legislation would ensure that Supreme Court judges will “reflect the various ideas in Israeli society and not only the white tribe of the left, Ashkenazi and elite sects of Israeli society.”

“We’re not impressed by the shouting coming from the left,” Eldad promised. “We’ll do what is best for the people of Israel.”

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