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Miracle in Ashdod: Missile Missed Populated Building

Despite the very difficult weekend of constant rocket attacks experienced by southern Israel’s residents, there were a few incidents that can be described only as miracles.

One of these incidents was the classroom in Ashdod which has been used as a makeshift synagogue on Shabbat for 40 years. Throughout those years, not one Sabbath prayer was missed, until this last Sabbath, which was what saved the congregants from a Gaza missile that struck the synagogue’s courtyard Saturday.

Another such incident is a building elsewhere in Ashdod, which miraculously was not hit despite the fact that a missile exploded right next to it. The only things that were hit, thankfully, were the residents’ cars.

“I live on the seventh floor,” Eran Peretz, a resident of the building, told Arutz Sheva. “We were in the security room and we heard a big boom. We went outside the fire and the cars burning.”

“What happened here was a miracle,” he said. “We are very lucky people. Ashdod, Sderot, Tel Aviv – all of Israel is a target. The terrorists can reach all parts of Israel.”

Moshe Yitzchak, a resident of Ashdod, said, “These are miracles and wonders. I think that everyone here needs to wake up, go out to the streets, and say, ‘The Lord is our G-d.’ Without him there is nothing in this world, nothing. We’re all here thanks to the creator of the world.”

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