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Meet the New Yeshiva Recruits to Israel’s Police

A special ceremony was held on Tuesday, during which 18 new recruits to the Israel Police took an oath of allegiance.

What made this seemingly ordinary ceremony special is that all 18 new recruits are religious Zionists, who took part in a new project which combined yeshiva learning with studying to become an officer.

Oded Avni, one of the new recruits, explained how the program works.

“Our program is a combined one,” he said. “Part of the time it takes place at Mechinat Elisha, where we learn Torah and halakha [Jewish law] that has bearing on police missions, and part of the time we undergo police training, such as fitness training etc.”

Another new recruit, Doron, told Arutz Sheva why he chose to join the police.

“The influence of the police body in Israel, as well as the military one, is one of the main influences in Israel,” he said. “One can have influence in many ways, but this is one of the more significant ways to do it.”

One of the participants in the ceremony was the head of Human Resources at the Israel Police, Yaron Be’eri, who said, “I’m very happy that we’ve arrived at this occasion and that we’re able to have 18 new recruits. I think that the vision of all of us is that in six months we’ll have 18 officers who are fully employed by the Israel Police.”

“We very much believe in the students of the hesder yeshivas,” he added. “I and many other officers, even the Commissioner, recognize your quality and your depth and the quality and depth of what you represent, and we believe that it is only natural that we continue this process and bring you into the Israel Police.”

The project was initiated by Nachi Eyal, the director of the Legal Forum of the Land of Israel, who explained that he felt alienated from the police, but because he did not want that feeling to continue in his own country, it actually was what had led him to initiating the project

“I think that the relations between religious Zionism and the police, following the Disengagement and other incidents, are relations in which seemingly a process of separation and distancing was expected,” he said. “I must say that during the period in which we’ve been working on this project I discovered some amazing people in the police, people with whom I’ve had fun promoting this project.”

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