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Medical Delegation Arrives at Shalit Home

A group of IDF physicians and psychologists arrived Wednesday morning at the Shalit home in Mitzpe Hila to further assess the condition of Gilad Shalit.

On Tuesday doctors at the Tel Nof Air Force base in Rehovot had reported Shalit’s pallor was poor, that he had excessive weight-loss, persistent injuries, and moved with a limp. There has been speculation he was subjected to extended periods of isolation, as well as physical abuse, by his captors.

The medical delegation on Wednesday was reportedly tasked with determining how to proceed with treating Shalit, and aiding him in his adjustment to freedom. Shalit has already been granted disabled veteran status by the IDF.

After their initial assessment, Shalit reportedly went for a walk in the community in the company of one of the psychologists, before returning home.

His family Wednesday morning placed large ads in Israel’s newspapers thanking supporters who joined them in recent years in their crusade to pressure the government to secure their son’s release.

In the evening, as Hoshana Raba ends and Shmini Atzeret begins, the Shalit family will reportedly hold a festive holiday meal in honor of Gilad’s return, saying that after his kidnapping they had felt disconnected from the holidays and done little to celebrate them.

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