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Massive Fields of Natural Gas Discovered in East Africa

Massive natural gas discoveries in East Africa are about to change the landscape and the continent’s coastal economy.

Finds were announced last week off the coast of Tanzania and Mozambique, in amounts estimated large enough to supply France, Germany, Britain and Italy for at least a year, and possibly more.

In recent years, East Africa has emerged as an oil producer, albeit one smaller than the fields on the other side of the continent, in Western Africa.

Nevertheless, gas fields discovered on the eastern side have sparked debate over how the energy resource might bring a new quality of life for those living there, instead of exacerbating the corruption of those currently in control.

East Africa in particular is known for its lush landscape, diverse wildlife and beautiful beaches. The coast is dotted with a myriad of resorts that play host to tourists from around the world.  

Last autumn, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu promised to help build “a coalition against [Islamic] fundamentalism,” bringing together the countries Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Tanzania to fight terrorist groups such as al-Shabab. Kenya was also told in meetings with Israeli President Shimon Peres that Israel was ready to make “everything available to Kenya” for internal security.

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