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Man who defrauded Holocaust claims fund indicted

A 50-year-old resident of Israel’s central coastal region was arrested on Wednesday as a suspect for defrauding would be supporters of a Holocaust educational enrichment organization. The Jerusalem court remanded him in custody for another five days as he awaits trial.

The accused stands charged with forgery, receiving money based on a forged document, and falsifying documents to support the NGO of which he is the head of.

The investigation began when a representative from an organization leading material claims on behalf of Holocaust victims’ charitable foundations brought the case to the police.

The representative stated that an individual from the “Israel Association for Immigrant Children” passed  himself off to the foundation representative with forms, stating that the IAIC foundation was a legal NGO that was aimed at educating immigrant children about the Holocaust. According to the claimant, the IAIC took the money for itself rather than using it for the programs that were planned for Holocaust education.

Among the receipts that were presented to the foundation documenting the use of the money were receipts for half a million shekel that were spent on visits to Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum.

Channel 10 news reports that during the arrest, police raided the suspect’s documents, computers and cellphones.

Judge Gabi Richter who presided over the hearing said that “the suspect forged documents to obtain money from organizations connected with helping Holocaust victims or educational and memorial activities.”

“The organization at which he stands as the head received monetary compensation for years, until in 2012 it was unable to receive proper certification to receive NGO status, when the stipulation to receive the certification was the removal and distancing of the individual from the management of the organization.”

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