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Kerry to announce ‘significant’ new aid to Syrian refugees

Secretary of State John Kerry will announce “significant new contributions to support relief efforts” for Syrian refugees later this week, the White House said on Tuesday, according to the Reuters news agency.

According to the statement, Kerry’s announce will come on Thursday at an international donor conference in London.

In addition to the aid, the United States is planning to resettle Syrian refugees in the country, a plan which caused controversy following the Paris attacks in November, in which one of the terrorists snuck into Europe with a group of Syrian refugees.

 24 states announced recently they would block the program to resettle Syrian migrants within their borders due to security concerns, leading to the introduction of a Republican-sponsored bill which would curb the flow of Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the United States in order to prevent terrorists from slipping in.

The passed the House with broad bipartisan support in November, but was recently blocked by Senate Democrats, essentially shelving it for the year.

Obama, who has pushed the Syrian refugee program despite the security concerns, struck out at Republicans in November, accusing them of demonizing “widows and orphans” and of “hysteria” following the Paris attacks.

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