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Kam Appeal Sparks Calls to Increase Spying Penalties

Nationalist politicians called on Wednesday to increase the penalties for betraying Israel’s secrets, citing the light sentence received by former IDF intelligence clerk Anat Kam.

Kam, convicted of leaking over 2,000 classified documents stolen from the IDF in order to provide them Haaretz reporter Uzi Blau, is seeking to appeal her 4-year sentence to Israel’s High Court of Justice.

Attorney Ilan Bombach, recently retained by Kam, is also seeking to delay her incarceration pending a decision on his appeal. Justice Miriam Naor will hear arguments on the motion on Thursday.

“I call on prosecutors to demand a more severe punishment,” MK Zvulun Orlev (Jewish Home) said. “If a motorist who kills a cyclist receives 12 years in prison, it seems to me that anyone who harms the security of IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians deserves a harsh sentence as well.”

MK Uri Ariel (National Union) said, “What nerve that she appealed her sentence. It was a minimal sentence! I think the sentence should be doubled and she should be locked up for many years. Her conduct was wanton, self-serving behavior that harmed the state of Israel and its citizens.”

The documents Kam provided to Blau – with which he fled to London – reportedly included sensitive counter-terrorism reports, intelligence assessments, and even IDF war fighting plans.

Blau refused to return to Israel with the documents until he had negotiated an immunity deal with state prosecutors.

It remains unknown to Israel’s public if any of the secrets in Blau’s hands were compromised while he was abroad.

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