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Kahlon: Netanyahu, Lapid, and Bennett are to Blame

Moshe Kahlon may not have revealed who he will recommend for prime minister in a Saturday night interview, but his criticism of incumbent Binyamin Netanyahu was clear. 

Kahlon, the Chairman of Kulanu, told Nadav Peri of Central Headquarters on Channel Ten, that he intends to recommend the person who he believes will be able to extricate Israel from the serious economic situation it is in. 

“I will request that President Rivlin give the mandate only to the person who knows and is ready to remove the State of Israel from the economic catastrophe we are approaching,” Kahlon stated. 

The former Likud politician added that he would not rule anyone out, and was willing to join the coalition of whoever would commit to Kulanu’s preferred plan of action. 

Kahlon then doled out blame for the country’s economic woes, sparing neither Netanyahu or Yesh Atid Chairman and former Finance Minister, Yair Lapid. 

“The previous government is guilty for the current situation, but it is not alone. This government did nothing and consequently [the economic situation] has deteriorated in the past two years,” Kahlon charged. 

“Lapid and Netanyahu did nothing but argue,” he added. 

The former Communications Minister reiterated that he desired the finance portfolio for the 20th Knesset, noting he would be able to handle the cost of living in the best possible way. 

Taking a modest approach, Kahlon added that if he fails in his stated goals of improving the economic situation, he will not run for re-election. 

“If I fail like others have failed, I will not have the audacity or courage to come and say vote for me again. I’m talking about Lapid, Netanyahu, and [Economy Minister Naftali] Bennett. They are responsible for what’s happened here. It was not an act of fate.”

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