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iVoteIsrael: Encouraging U.S. Citizens in Israel to Vote

Arutz Sheva met with the people behind iVoteIsrael, a national campaign in Israel aimed at encouraging American citizens living in Israel to vote in the U.S. elections.

“Primarily what we’re trying to do is to make voting accessible and easy and therefore increase the number of Americans [in Israel] who are voting,” said Elie Pieprz. “Obviously there is a lot of talk in terms of pressure that Israel has felt from America over the last several years and it’s translating to a more engaged and more interested voter base here in Israel.”

He added that the goal is that “once we can demonstrate that there is a significant amount of more Americans in Israel voting and engaged in the political process, that’ll have a dramatic impact on how Jews and the pro-Israel community in America will react as well.”

Pieprz noted, “Our campaign provides the Obama administration with a wonderful platform to get their message out to the Americans here in Israel. We’re creating a platform where speakers and personalities from the States who want to communicate with voters in Israel will have that ability.”

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