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Israeli Envoy Returns to Cairo Despite Tahrir Square Violence

Israeli ambassador Yitzchak Levanon has returned to Cairo despite the resumption of the Tahrir Square violence that forced his hasty exit. Levanon arrived in Cairo on Sunday after flying from Turkey, and he plans to meet well-wishers towards his leaving his post after having reached the age of pension.

He left Egypt when anti-Israel riots broke out in the summer, and his remaining embassy security staff narrowly escaped rioters who barged into the embassy compound in September.

Egyptian authorities managed to hustle them out in Muslim garb through an office window before dozens of rioters could break down the door. A violent clash would have ensured had the armed guards remained.

Tahrir Square riots resumed Saturday and Sunday, and at least two people were killed and hundreds were injured as the same violent confrontations that took place under the rule of deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak now are on the plate of the provisional military regime.

“Down with Tantawi,” shouted demonstrators, referring to military ruler Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi.

“We will never be scared again. They can shoot at us all they want,” Nasma Abdel Azim told India’ ND TV.

Police fired rubber bullets at the crowd, which began to riot after authorities dismantled a small tent set up in memory of those jailed in the anti-Mubarak uprising earlier this year.

The Muslim Brotherhood helped stage the latest protests against the regime’s proposals for a new constitution on the eve of parliamentary elections scheduled for next week.

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