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Islamic Jihad Warns Israelis in Hebrew: ‘Get Out of Our Country’

As tensions continue to mount in the Gaza Region following last night’s barrage of more than 60 rockets fired by Islamic Jihad, and the IDF’s response, leaders on both sides of the Israel-Gaza border are bracing themselves for the potential of a larger-scale Israeli military operation.

In anticipation, the Iranian-backed terrorist group responsible for last night’s attack has released a Hebrew-language video warning the Israeli government against attacking and calling on Israelis to “get out of our country” – referring to all of Israel, which Islamic Jihad, like Gaza’s Hamas rulers, seeks to destroy.

The spokesman, dressed in black, begins by warning “The terrorist Zionist government” to show “restraint” if it wants his group to stop firing rockets, and then moves on to address the “cowardly Zionist army”.

“We in the Quds Brigades [Islamic Jihad’s military wing – ed.] are ready for your invasion. If you come you will have no choice: death or captivity,” he declared.

The message finishes with a message to the Israeli people:

“Do not hand over your lives as hostages to the government of your leaders. We invite you to leave our country [sic] and to find your own country.”

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