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Int’l Rallies: 800 Pro-Israel Christians vs.150 Pro-Arabs

Worldwide pro and anti-Israel rallies outside the Arab world the past few days revealed lopsided support for Israel, with 800 pro-Israel Christians rallying in London and 150 pro-Arabs, including 20 anti-Zionist Jews, in New York.

Mainstream headlines spreading fear of huge protests, and even a “Third Intifada” in Israel, have failed to ignite the Arab street, where most demonstrations have been limited to numbers ranging from a few dozen to 200.

Outside of Israel, enthusiasm for the Palestinian Authority also has been limited to college campuses and anti-Israel advertising on buses and subway trains.

A pro-Arab rally in New York City’s Times Square attracted a grand total of 150 people on Thursday, including 20 Netura Karta anti-Zionists

On the other hand, 800 Christians from Scotland, Wales and England turned out last Tuesday for a pro-Israel demonstration across the street from the Parliament.

One Member of Parliament came over to the group and said that “King George the Fifth was a Zionist,” according to rally spokesman Tim Gutmann. “Visiting Israelis came to us and said they had come to see Big Ben and could not believe their eyes when they saw” the rally, Gutmann added.

“One man said he was hesitant to wear his kippa in London, but now felt that he could wear it with pride,” he continued.

“It was amazing to stand with and for Israel with 800 other Christians. I believe that a huge voice of love and support for Israel is now boldly rising from the United Kingdom church, and with all our hearts we want Israel and the Jewish people to know at this crucial time – ‘ You are not alone and we will not be silent.”

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