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IDF’s Response to Golan Hezbollah Attack: Shoot on Sight

The IDF Northern Command on Thursday announced that it was changing its orders regarding opening fire in areas along the Golan border fence. Anyone from the Syrian side who comes near the fence should expect to be shot, the IDF said.

The new orders were issued in response to a terror attack attempts that took place in the area recently. Last week, IDF forces clashed with terrorists, opening fire on terrorists who placed an explosive on the border fence with Syria. A group of suspicious figures approached the fence in the middle of the night, and attempted to blow up the barrier. The IDF responded by shooting from light weapons and firing artillery shells to wipe out the terror attempt.

Previously, soldiers would fire in the air to warn off and ward off suspicious figures. No longer; now, soldiers will immediately open fire in the direction of suspicious looking characters.

Channel Two reported that IDF officials will over the weekend relay the instructions to UN personnel serving in the Golan. The UN will also inform military forces on the Syrian side of the border of the new rules.

A source in IDF emphasized Hezbollah’s responsibility for the attack last week, after the threats of revenge towards Israel made last week by the terror group after a transfer of missiles from Syria was destroyed in an air strike. The IDF noted “special forces were deployed at the border with Syria” in response to the threats.

The missiles, which were destroyed in the strike near the Syrian-Lebanese border, were reportedly able to carry warheads heavier and more dangerous than almost all of Hezbollah’s current massive arsenal.

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