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IDF Swoops Down on Hamas, Arrests Father of ‘Son of Hamas’

The IDF arrested overnight a senior Hamas leader in Samaria who was freed from an Israeli prison three months ago. Hassan Yousef’s son and two others also were nabbed at their home in Bitunia, near Ramallah and north of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is supposed to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure in Arab areas of Judea and Samaria, but the IDF often carries out many missions that the PA cannot or does not want to be involved with.

Yousef was freed from jail towards the end of his prison term. Two hundred other terroristss also were released.

Yousef is more widely known for being the father of Mosab Hassan Yousef – Son of Hamas – who  now lives in exile in California and converted to Christianity. He worked with the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) for 10 years to prevent dozens of suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks against Israelis.

His code name, Green Prince, referred to the green flag of Hamas and his father’s stature in the organization.

He previously has said from his new home in the United States that Hamas never can make peace with Israel.

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