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IDF Strikes Gaza Terrorists, Preventing Rocket Attack

IDF troops prevented a rocket attack on Israel Saturday night by striking at a terrorist gang that was preparing to fire a missile at the Negev. IDF planes targeted the gang in southern Gaza, near Khan Yunis. Among the terrorists eliminated was a high-ranking member of Islamic Jihad, IDF sources said.

Meanwhile, reports in the Arab media said that Cairo has warned Hamas of “dire consequences” if the terror group does not act to halt rocket fire on Israel. A high-ranking Egyptian official was quoted as saying by the Al-Hayat newspaper, published in London, that Egypt could not continue to pressure Israel not to undertake a major action in Gaza. “We cannot pressure Israel to accept the cease fire if Palestinian groups do not accept the cease fire,” the official said.

He said that Hamas was actually avoiding attacking Israel at this time, and that Israel realized this and was aware that other terror groups were behind the rocket fire. With that, the official said, Israel considers Hamas responsible for what goes on in Gaza, and that Hamas needed to restrain the groups if it wanted to avoid a major Israeli military response.

A report by the Associated Press earlier last week said that the IDF had been given a green light by the defense establishment to prepare for a major land operation in Gaza. The operation will be undertaken in the event of another major round of rocket attacks, such as Israel experienced several weeks ago.

A Kassam rocket was fired at Israel on Friday night. The rocket struck in an open area in the Ashkelon area. No injuries or damage were reported.

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