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IDF’s ‘Skunk’ to Go Aerial to Prevent Violence

As part of its preparations for possible mass riots among Judea and Samaria Arabs, the IDF is taking one of its more effective riot control methods and helping it go airborne. The “Skunk” crowd control substance can now be sprayed on violent mobs from above.

By bringing the Skunk to the skies, the IDF is hoping that mobs that attempt to storm Jewish communities or IDF checkpoints can be turned back before coming within weapons range of their target, thus averting violence.

The Air Force has already conducted a successful practice run, which it termed “Flying Skunk.”

The Skunk went into use in the military in 2009, and has since become a preferred method of crowd control due to its proven safety. Some methods of non-fatal crowd control, such as rubber bullets and tear gas, can become fatal if misused. The Skunk, however, cannot.

The method is simple: protesters who are considered to pose a threat to security personnel or others are sprayed with a scent so foul that it causes nausea and even vomiting. The scent usually causes up to 90 percent of protesters to leave the area immediately.

The Skunk liquid evaporates within hours, leaving its targets with no lasting ill effects. It is made with organic ingredients, and has been approved by top doctors as well as by the Ministry for Environmental Protection.

Previously, the Skunk has been sprayed from a hose attached to a truck or to a special pack worn by police officers or soldiers.

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