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Herzog: Netanyahu is Breaking Israel Apart

Labor Chairman Yitzhak Herzog was confident about his party’s chances Monday, telling an interviewer that he was convinced his “Zionist Camp” would be the largest party in the 20th Knesset. 

Speaking with Nissim Mishal on Nonstop Radio, Herzog claimed that Labor would break ahead in the March 17 elections and pass Likud. 

“The chances of me creating a change in power are very real. I think the picture that is emerging is that toward the end voters will drift to the Zionist Camp, and I will have no problem forming the government,” Herzog claimed. 

The Labor leader also touted his ability to form a coalition, stating, “there are different things that occur at different times; it’s important to remember that we’re talking about the night of elections.” 

“I know how to build political connections and I believe political marriages can also happen after the election. The alternatives are very diverse.” 

As has become his custom, Herzog attacked Binyamin Netanyahu for, among other things, trying to divert attention away from economic and political problems created during his last two terms as Prime Minister. 

He listed the high cost of living as well the breakdown of peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority (PA) as major issues. 

“Netanyahu is breaking Israel apart and citizens are looking and saying – this, we won’t allow,” Herzog argued.

“He [Netanyahu] is busy creating political spins and ruining our relationship with the United States. I will not allow him to shift the focus away from the real problems – housing prices, living expenses, and the Palestinian problem,” he charged. 

Herzog also laid aside rumors of a unity government, stating adamantly that the struggle for prime minister is between himself and Netanyahu, and there is no chance the two will cooperate after elections. 

“It’s great to hear all the leaders of the smaller parties attacking him from all sides, because it’s obvious that it’s me or him,” he said.

“I said I am not prepared to accept any scenario in which he defeats us. The gaps between our way and his way are too large. I have no other options – the only option is victory.”

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