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Hamas Admits It’s Producing Rockets to Attack Israel Again

A senior Hamas terrorist said Monday his Islamist group which controls Gaza is rebuilding its heavily depleted rocket arsenal to prepare for a new terror war against Israel.

“Any regional or international attempt to lay siege to Hamas or its armed wing is bound to fail,” said Marwan Eissa, a commander of Hamas’s “military branch,” the Al-Qassam Brigades, reports AFP.

Hamas is “not looking for confrontation” with Israel, he said, as quoted by Hamas-run news agency Al-Ray. “But we are making sure our forces are reinforced in case of a confrontation. We’re continuing to make rockets.”

Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilian centers during its most recent terror war against the Jewish State last July and August.

The terrorist organization has been busily replenishing its rocket arsenal by building domestically produced rockets, including the long-range M75, so as to get around Israel’s efforts to block the import of weapons into Gaza.

In producing the rockets, Hamas has conducted numerous rocket tests over the last several months since the most recent round of fighting ended.

Aside from the rockets, Hamas has been rebuilding its terror tunnels to attack Israel after the IDF destroyed over 30 of them in the last war. It has used construction materials sent in to rebuild Gaza to construct the tunnels.

Not only Hamas, but also Islamic Jihad reported it is busily preparing for the next war, including by building tunnels and concealed mortar launch sites on Israel’s border.

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