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Gaza to Export Furniture, Thanks to Israel

Gaza will soon be able to export furniture to Europe, in a pilot program to start next month.

The pilot program is being permitted by Israel, and Gaza’s farmers received the announcement about it from the District Coordination and Liaison in a conference on Wednesday.

Until now, most of the export from Gaza has been of agricultural products, including cherry tomatoes, flowers and strawberries, among others.

The export is done in coordination with Israel and with its permission, despite the many rocket and missile attacks launched from Gaza at Israel’s residents. In July, Israel boosted the exports from Gaza despite the terror attacks.

During Wednesday’s conference, held just prior to the start of the export season at the end of November, the details of the export process was explained to the Arab farmers, from the time the product is picked and packed in Gaza, through its passing at the Kerem Shalom border crossing, and to its sale in European markets.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Israeli and Gazan Agriculture Ministries, observers from the Quartet, Israeli export representatives, representative of European countries in the Palestinian Authority, managers of firms and a representative from the Kerem Shalom border crossing.

All the participants spoke in praise of the agricultural cooperation between Israel and the PA, stressed its importance and expressed their hope that this cooperation will be expanded to other areas.

The District Coordination and Liaison helps Gaza’s residents in many areas including improving and promoting agriculture, assisting with innovations in technology, and preventing the spread of pests and diseases.

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