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FBI Raids in America’s Heartland Linked to Terror

A joint FBI raid on seven IHOP pancake chain restaurants in Indiana and Ohio netted a haul of material reported to be linked to terror.

Homeland Security and Internal Revenue Service agents joined the FBI and other officials in the 90-minute on the restaurant, all but one of which are owned by Tarek Elkafrawi, who blogger Debbie Schussel described as an Arab Muslim. He also is known by the name “Terry Elk.”

She reported that a former IHOP restaurant worker wrote her, “I do know for a fact that he allows illegal immigrants and he knows about it. I even know of one person he allowed to use a couple different names just so he wouldn’t have to pay child support! I have no idea about the money laundering because I was just a measly server…but illegals….yes. And, yes, he is Egyptian.”

 Two of his homes and storerooms were raided, and agents hauled away more than 100 boxes of documents and computer hard disks.

a civil liberties photographer, who was at the scene of one of the raids, said  that federal agents are not commenting but that a “well-placed source in the Toledo Police Department” told a local radio station that  the rain concerns suspected are money laundering, funding terrorist organizations and possible undocumented workers.

The Toledo Blade newspaper also said the raids were “reportedly for suspected terrorist activity, but an official of a partner company of the pancake chain denied the charge.

It is not known if anyone was detained.

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