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Expert: IAEA Report Could Lead to More Sanctions

Dr. Ephraim Kam, deputy director of the Institute for National Security Studies, said on Monday that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report on Iran’s nuclear program is likely to have important implications, particularly on Russia and China.

Kam told Arutz Sheva that the report will be more severe than previous ones, since up until now the IAEA has been careful about saying anything explicit about the military aspects associated with the Iranian nuclear program. Now, however, things are much clearer, he said.

As for the implications of the report, many believe that it will help the United States in its efforts to persuade Russia and China to support the tightening of sanctions on Iran. Kam said that believes that convincing Russia and China to agree to further sanctions on Iran is dependent mostly on themselves. So far, he noted, the information they were given helped to get them to support the idea of sanctions idea, but both countries have worked to have the sanctions softened, due to their own economic reasons.

However, Kam believes that the more specific the report gets, the more difficult it would be difficult for the Russians and the Chinese to continue to resist further sanctions on Iran. He added that he believes that the heads of Russia and China know very well that Iran’s recent claims that the IAEA report is an American or Israeli plot are false.

Kam also referred to the recent speculations about a possible attack on Iran in the Israeli media. He admitted that he himself does not know what is behind these leaks, but said that he believes the whole debate is unnecessary.

“We should not engage in such matters publicly,” Kam said, yet added that he doubts the reports in the media will do damage, since they are mostly speculative in nature.

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