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Ex-SEAL Commander: Bin Laden was Killed Immediately

American SEAL commandos killed Bin Laden in the first 90 seconds of the raid on his compound and not after a 45-minute gunfight, according to a former SEAL commander who said he interviewed several of the soldiers who raided the terrorist’s compound last May. American officials deny his claims.

“Bin Laden was dead within 90 seconds of the beginning of the raid, not after an extended firefight. Four suppressed rounds were fired,” said Chuck Pfarrer, a former commander of U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six.

He contradicted official reports of a long gunfight and also disputed the report that the commandos blew up one of their helicopters because of a technical glitch.

Pfarrer, who has written a book on the raid, claimed that the “SEALs entered the building after being deposited on the roof by the lead helicopter, not from the ground,” as reported at the time. “Only minutes after bin Laden was dead did the lead helicopter, heading for a landing spot, lose altitude and sink, tail-first, into the large walled enclosure east of the main house,” Pfarrer added.

He explained that if the SEALs had landed on the ground and then climbed the stairs to reach Bin Laden, as official reports stated, the Al Qaeda terrorists would have had enough time to set up defenses in his room.

Pfarrer confirmed an original report that Bin Laden’s youngest wife was shot in the leg when she pushed herself in firing range to protect her husband.

American officials dismissed the book as “plain wrong.”

Pfarrer also claimed that President Barack Obama was playing golf  twenty minutes before the raid began. Pfarrer explained, “If this had completely gone south, he was in a position to disavow.”

His book was to be released by now, but its publication has been held up due to possible lawsuits.

Meanwhile, American military officers are questioning the SEAL commandos to determine if they talked with Pfarrer.

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