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Egyptian Facebook Campaign to Raid US Embassy, Says PA Network

The Palestine Today network reports that an Egyptian youth Facebook campaign urges a raid on the American embassy if the United States casts a veto on the Palestinian Authority’s request that the United Nations Security Council approve its request for full membership.

Egyptian rioters raided the Israeli embassy compound in Cairo last month, threatening the lives of six Israeli guards who escaped by disguising themselves in Muslim garb.

Iran’s Fars News Agency said that the Arab media outlet reported that the campaign is against President Barack Obama, who was described as “a liar [who] is no different with his predecessors in supporting Israel and blatant violation of the Arab nations’ rights.”

President Obama two years spoke in Cairo, where he pledged to “reach out to Muslims,” but the Facebook campaign accused him of taking “a new approach towards Muslims” that in their view contradicts his intentions of “reaching out” to them.

“The Egyptian youths said the attack on the U.S. embassy would serve as a strong message in response to the U.S. hegemonic policies,” according to the report quoted by Fars.

“They further warned the United States to refrain from vetoing the Palestinian bid, saying that such a move by the United States would encourage violence in the world.”

Abbas is guaranteed a majority in the General Assembly if his bid passes the United Nations Security Council, but he cannot yet count on the support of the needed two-thirds majority – nine countries – in the Council.

If the United States can convince seven countries to vote against or abstain, it will not have to cast a veto to stop the move. If the motion fails to pass the Council, Abbas would be left with having to settle for a non-binding resolution in the General Assembly recognizing the Palestinian Authority based on his unilateral territorial and political demands.

Fars, following its usual policy of not mentioning the word “Israel,” told its readers, “Palestinians stress that they have never gained anything through talks with the Zionist regime, mentioning that negotiation with the racist regime is a waste of time and gives the Zionists the chance to push their settlement construction plans ahead and come along with their international and internal problems.“

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