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Egyptian Cabinet Resigns Amid Renewed Unrest

Egypt’s state television reported the entire Cabinet submitted its resignation to the caretaker junta currently ruling the country

The Cabinet said it will stay on to run the nation’s day-to-day affairs until a decision about their replacements is made.

The resignation of the Cabinet on Monday came amid widening protests against the ruling military council, during which at least 24 protesters have been killed and 1,500 injured in the past three days.

Egypt’s interim junta has been seen as an agent of the Mubarak-era status quo wherein geopolitical and moderate secular political norms are preserved. 

The generals have also been widely accused of making a power grab in recent weeks for moving to stack the committee tasked with drafting Egypt’s new constitution with delegates of their own choosing. They have also said they will not submit the military budget to civilian authorities for approval.

Protesters are demanding the military quickly announce a date for the handover of power to a civilian government.

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf’s government has faced consistent criticism from across Egypt’s political spectrum since it came to office in March.

It has been perceived as both being inefficient and kowtowing to the military.

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