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Egypt ‘in Very Dangerous State,’ Says Expert

As turmoil in Cairo’s Tahrir Square continues, an expert says Egypt is entering a very dangerous time.

“As far as a state is concerned, this is the worst situation,” Shimon Karmi, a former intelligence officer and a researcher on political violence in the Tzfat Academic College, told Arutz Sheva Tuesday. “There is no sovereign in the country and Egypt is descending into a regime crisis that is very dangerous, as far as it is concerned.”

“The current situation of heightened rioting expresses the frustration of the masses, who see themselves as having sacrificed, suffered and demonstrated extensively, only to see the revolution slip from their hands.”

“It is interesting that today we do not hear the Muslim Brotherhood so much,” added Karmi. “Why are they not there in a prominent and demonstrative way? There are two possible reasons. One is that there may be behind-the-scenes deals in the works to put them deeper into the government, and the second is that they see themselves as unready to for the task of governing Egypt.”

“While the anger of the masses is turned toward the current regime, there is no clear alternative,” he explained. “We do not know of any specific personality who is vying for power. This is a very difficult time for Egypt because no one is volunteering to run for government yet the protest will not die down.”

Al Jazeera reported 33 people dead in recent says’ rioting that led to the resignation of the government.

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