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Egged strike averted at the last moment following marathon talks

The nationwide strike of Egged busses, which was due to start Monday, was averted on Sunday night following a series of last minute marathon meetings.

Histadrut chairman Avi Nissenkorn, the Director General of the Transpiration Ministry Uzi Yitzhaki, Transport Workers Union chairman Avi Edri, and the Deputy Director of the Transportation Ministry’s budget department Udi Adiri met into the night before announcing they had reached a compromise averting the strike.

Under the agreement, the drivers’ wages will be increased to 39 shekels an hour. In addition, the management of Egged promised it would stop the unilateral measures that it has taken against the drivers.

Histadrut chairman Avi Nissenkorn welcomed the compromise and said, “I am pleased to inform the traveling public that we were able to avert the strike while demonstrating responsibility and thinking about the good of the citizens.”

He added, “The drivers are entitled to an increase in their wages and we must strengthen the role of the drivers of public transportation in Israel. I would like to congratulate the Director General of the Ministry of Transportation Uzi Yitzhaki for his involvement in finding a solution.”

The dispute between the sides began after the company’s employees claimed that management “blew up” negotiations between the parties.

The core argument involved the company’s initial refusal to increase the driver’s salaries who currently earn about 32-33 shekels per hour (about $8) – the lowest paid among drivers of public transportation in Israel.

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