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Doctors Fighting for Minister Uri Orbach’s Life

The condition of the Minister for Senior Citizens, Uri Orbach (Jewish Home), who has been seriously ill for several weeks, took a turn for the worse Sunday evening.

Doctors at Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem are fighting for the minister’s life.

The Orbach family asked the public to continue to pray for the health of Uri Shraga Ben Pnina, expressed gratitude for the love and concern they are receiving, and requested that people refrain from visits and from spreading rumors.

Orbach announced last month that he intends to devote his time to take urgent care of his health, and said: “In the coming period I am devoting my time to taking care of my health issues in a more intensive manner, so that I can soon return in complete health, God willing, to my work in the Knesset and the government.”

“It is better to take this necessary break at a time in which the Knesset and government are working at half throttle,” he added. “I hope to return soon with renewed strength to public action, and I wish out excellent list success in the general election. With G-d’s help, we shall take action and succeed.”

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