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Cover-Up of Health Damage to Female Soldiers Alleged

A group of high ranking reservist IDF officers and civilians says that there is “an epidemic” of hip stress fractures, ruptured discs and uterine prolapse among women serving in the IDF’s combat units.

They claim that this rash of injuries – some of which have permanent effects and can affect a women’s chances of bearing children – is hidden by militant feminists for political reasons.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Col. (res.) Raz Sagi, spokesman for the Forum for a Strong IDF (FSIDF), explained that the IDF’s ongoing experiment in placing women in combat units has had terrible consequences for a relatively large percentage of the female soldiers, who suffer worse injuries than young men, and are also more likely to be injured. 

“Keeping women out of a variety of core roles hurts women on the basis of gender and forces norms of behavior that fit a small part of the religious populace upon the entire army,” the generals wrote.

In 2011, he added, a joint study by the IDF and the US Army determined that women cannot be placed in combat roles because of physiological differences between men and women. 

The agenda led by women’s groups winds up damaging women’s health, Sagi said. “If they want equality they should implement it in medicine or law studies. In the army, we have operational considerations: is it good for the military as an effective fighting force or not.”

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