CNN: Clinton has 9% lead over Trump

August 1, 2016  

A new CNN/ORC Poll has found that Hillary Clinton has a 9% lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump.

The poll was released hours after a CBS poll found that Clinton had a 7% lead over Trump, the largest she’s had in months.

In a two-way head-to-head matchup, found the CNN poll, Clinton tops Trump 52% to 43%, and in a four-way matchup including third party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, Clinton leads 45% to 37% with Johnson at 9% and Stein at 5%.

Furthermore, the poll found, a majority of Clinton’s backers now say their vote is more to show support for her than to oppose Trump, a sharp shift since early May. Back then, 48% said their vote was one of support for the former secretary of state, 58% say so now.

While Trump also improved his numbers on that metric, his voters are more evenly divided, with 47% saying they’re backing him to show support and 50% saying it’s more to oppose Clinton.

More of Clinton’s backers also say they are certain to support her come November, found the poll. 44% of registered voters are Clinton supporters who say their mind is made up, while 36% say they are solidly behind Trump. Only about 16% of voters say their minds could change in the 99 days left between now and Election Day.

Just several weeks ago, polls found that Trump had narrowed his deficit to Clinton to 7 percentage points.

That poll was further indication that the billionaire has been chipping at Clinton’s lead.

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