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Ceasefire Ends after Four Hours, Two Terrorists Killed

An Air Force aircraft “targeted a terrorist squad in the southern Gaza Strip that was preparing to fire rockets at Israel,” the IDF stated.

The terrorist attempt to attack — and the IAF’s successful prevention — came approximately four hours after Islamic Jihad, Hamas and other terrorists had agreed to the ceasefire proposed by Egypt.                                                                                                
“A hit was confirmed, and the rocket launch attempt was thwarted,” Israeli military spokesmen said.

Gaza sources said that two of the terrorists were killed, one of them possibly a senior member of the Popular Front terrorist group.

The last rocket that Gaza-based terrorists fired on southern Israel was around 7 a.m. Sunday, followed by four hours of a rumored but not official truce.

The Islamic Jihad, after denying that it was considering a ceasefire, announced around 11 a.m. that it would stop firing on condition that Israel did not continue to strike.

It was not known which terrorist group was behind the afternoon attempt to launch a missile.

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