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Canadian Foreign Minister: Islam is a ‘religion of peace’

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephane Dion, condemned a July 3 terrorist attack in Baghdad in which at least 125 people were killed, but in his statement he also described Islam as a peaceful religion.

“Canada strongly condemns the attacks that killed dozens of innocent Iraqis in the streets of Baghdad last night as they were getting ready to celebrate Iftar,” he said in a statement.

“Once again, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant [ISIL] demonstrates its complete disregard for human life and for Islam, a religion of peace that fosters the respect and promotion of human life,” added Dion.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also condemned the attack and tweeted, “So-called Islamic State has again proven itself an enemy of all Muslims. My thoughts are with victims of the Ramadan attacks in Iraq.”

Trudeau also said in an interview earlier this year that Islam is “not incompatible with the Western secular democracy.”

And, most recently, the Canadian Prime Minister issued an official statement condemning the “mass shooting” in Orlando, but avoided mentioning the fact that the terrorist was a devout Muslim who apparently has ties to ISIS.

Trudeau stated that he was “deeply shocked and saddened” by the news of the mass shooting, an act which he called a “domestic terror attack targeting the LGBTQ2 community.”

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