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Bereaved Families Warned: Avoid Media Trap

David Hertzlich, who lost his sister in a terrorist shooting, has a warning for fellow bereaved relatives of terrorism victims: do not let the media make cynical use of your pain.

The media is making a gesture at even-handedness by reporting on families’ pain over their loved ones killers’ release, he said, but in reality, is using reports of their pain to downplay the impact a mass terrorist release could have on national security.

“The media, as usual, runs between the families of the murdered, and tries to turn the debate on national security into a personal, emotional debate,” he explained. “We must not fall into the trap.”

“The issue of releasing murderers is not any one family’s personal issue,” Hertzlich continued, “not even the Shalit family’s. It is a matter of top national and military importance, and our feelings and opinions as a bereaved family are irrelevant.”

Instead of describing their personal pain, bereaved families should turn the discussion back to concerns for national security, he said. “What should stand before our eyes is Israel’s security, and our national honor… This is not the time or place to deal with any particular murderer, because this is not a matter of revenge or of personal closure.”

Hertzlich declared opposition to terrorist release due to “the blow to the Jewish people’s power and security.”

Hertzlich’s sister Talia Kahane was murdered in 2000 along with her husband, Rabbi Binyamin Zev Kahane. Terrorists shot and killed the couple as they drove with five of their six young children. The children, ages 2 to 10, were wounded in the attack.

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