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Bennett: Without 16 Mandates We Will Be in Opposition

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett issued a strong warning to voters Saturday night during an interview on Channel Two’s “Meet the Press.” 

Commenting on the possibility that Jewish Home may not be part of the 20th Knesset’s coalition, Bennett noted that, “We will be in the opposition if we do not have at least 15 or 16 mandates.”

This, he warned, would bring about the establishment of a Palestinian state by 2017. 

The Economy Minister then attacked the media for, he alleges, remaining silent in the aftermath of physical altercations with leftist activists at Jewish Home conferences. 

The latest incident took place Wednesday night when a group of LGBT activists crashed a Jewish Home conference in Haifa. When they raised an LGBT flag, as Bennett took the stage to speak, a brawl ensued. 

Bennett’s security detail was strengthened the next day as a result of threats to his life and similar provocations by left-wing activists at events in which he participates. 

Addressing the media’s role, Bennett argued, “if right-wing activists were crashing Buji’s [Labor leader Yitzhak Herzog] conferences, it would be top news.” 

“I don’t hear a word from Buji, I don’t hear a word from Tzipi [Livni], and to tell you the truth the media has also been awfully quiet,” Bennett rebuked. 

“If right-wing activists would now attend all of Tzipi and Buji’s conferences and cause disturbances – that would be acceptable? Channel Two would develop the story over and over. There is some very extreme asymmetry here. When the Left engages in physical violence, it’s fine.” 

The Jewish Home Chairman also criticized the media for not addressing his party’s achievements as well his own work in the economy ministry. “No one has told the public that I lowered the cost of living,” he charged. “The media isn’t doing its job.”

Meanwhile, in keeping with their pact not to attack each other this election, Bennett declined to comment on the State Comptroller’s scandalous report against the Prime Minister’s Residence as well as the possible criminal investigation against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and his wife, Sara. 

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