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svgadminsvgSeptember 19, 2011svgNews

As Netanyahu Faces World, No Solidarity from Livni

Livni accused Netanyahu of falsely claiming that “the world is against us,” that there is anti-Semitism and that Israel can’t do anything about it. 

“Israel’s friends no longer understand Israel’s policy and they do not know what it wants,” she accused. “I am sorry to say it, but they do not believe the Israeli prime minister. They understand that if someone says ‘two states’ and is not willing to take a single step to make that happen, this arouses suspicion. We are the ones who pay that terrible price.” 

Netanyahu made extended overtures to Livni after he was elected in attempts to persuade her to join his coalition. She refused to do so unless he agreed to let her be prime minister as well, in a rotation agreement.

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