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Arabs Stone Jewish Shepherd on Sabbath

A Jewish shepherd escaped with his life on the Sabbath after Palestinian Authority Arabs stoned him and tried to steal his herd.

Police prevented him from identifying the attackers, who live in a small outpost several hundred feet from an IDF checkpoint on the southern edge of the southern Hevron Hills, between Arad and Kiryat Arba-Hevron.

The shepherd who came under attack on the Sabbath told Arutz Sheva he was herding the sheep when Arab shepherds came near on the pretense that their herd of goats had run away. The Jewish shepherd saw that the goats were simply grazing and asked the Arab shepherd to take them away. At that point, approximately seven other Arabs approached and began to hurl rocks at the Jewish shepherd.

Unarmed and realizing his life was in danger, with no chance of defending himself, he fled and left the sheep behind until he reached Susia and notified security officers.

The IDF, which has a base only five minutes away in addition to the nearby checkpoint, took more than 30 minutes before reaching the scene. Despite the late arrival, the thieves were not able to escape with the sheep in such a short tine, and the herd was restored the shepherd, who returned to the scene with the army.

He said that when he asked to file a complaint, the police and army refused to let him accompany them to the Arabs’ tent to identify the attackers and file a complaint of attempted theft and murder. The Arab outpost has expanded in the last year with help from European-funded groups.

The sheep belong to Dalia Har Sinai, whose husband Yair was murdered several years ago by nearby Palestinian Authority villagers while he was unarmed and tending his herd at his farm.

She has continued to maintain her farm with the help of youth. Arabs from a nearby village stole her herd during a savage wind and rainstorm last winter, and contributions allowed her to start over again.

Saturday’s rock attack was an attempt to steal the herd again.

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