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Almagor Head: Grapel Deal Encourages Kidnappings

Meir Indor, Head of the Almagor Terror Victims’ organization, criticized on Wednesday the deal Israel signed with Egypt to free Ilan Grapel.

Indor told Arutz Sheva that by agreeing to release 25 Egyptian prisoners in exchange for Grapel, Israel was setting a dangerous precedent and allowing future kidnappings.

“The Egyptian government, no matter how they try to paint it, kidnapped a citizen, accused him of spying and then got off that idea,” Indor said. “But they’re saying, ‘Before you get him back, you’ll pay us with security prisoners. That’s what we found out today, that half of those who are being released are security prisoners.”

“This is a bad sign for the future, because other countries are standing in line,” he added. “Turkey, Jordan…They’ll find reasons to arrest Israelis. By Israel surrendering in the Grapel affair, it is signaling that the kidnapping method pays off.”

Indor also said that it is time that the public understand that the Israeli government is not the one actually making decisions, but rather the general public and the media.

“The public must understand from this story what we, the elders, understood many years ago,” he said. “The decisions aren’t really made in the Knesset or by the government. That’s where the political people are. The decisions are in the hands of outside bodies, the public, and the media. If the public understands this, it won’t sit passively at home but will join a civil campaign. The civil campaign is what determines today security and military issues.”

Earlier on Wednesday, the High Court rejected motions against the Grapel deal. Grapel, who was arrested when he took part in the Tahrir Square uprising in Egypt, is expected to be freed Thursday.

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