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After Security Council Failure, PA Moving to ‘Plan B’

After admitting that their unilateral bid to be accepted as a member state to the United Nations has failed, the Palestinian Authority is now turning to ‘Plan B.’

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the entity will now seek an upgraded observer status that would give them access to key international organizations.

According to the report, PA officials are already lobbying foreign governments, especially in western Europe, in hopes of rallying support for this alternate strategy. The officials reportedly said, however, that this new campaign in the General Assembly could be harder than anticipated because of expected opposition by the U.S.

On Tuesday, the PA’s Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki, admitted that the entity does not have enough support in the U.N. Security Council for recognition of a Palestinian state.

 “It is clear now, with the U.S. counter effort and intervention, that we are not going to have these nine votes,” he said.

It was the first time since PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas submitted his statehood bid to the Security Council in September that a PA official admitted that the move will fail.

The admission came after an earlier report which said that France, Britain and Colombia all intend to abstain in the vote. British Foreign Secretary William Hague confirmed on Wednesday his country’s plan to abstain.

Malki said on Wednesday that while the PA has lost the battle, it would win the war.

“We knew that the Security Council would not be a picnic,” he told AP. “But the most important thing here is who is going to win in the final round. There will be other rounds, and we will never despair.”

Meanwhile, a draft report circulating in the Security Council which was obtained by AP, shows deep divisions over the PA’s membership application.

The council’s admissions committee is expected to endorse the report on Friday, but it remains unclear when the council will actually vote on the issue.

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