US Poll: Islam Is a Problem, but Ignore It

May 15, 2012  

Americans believe Islam is in global conflict with the West, a Rasmussen poll reveals, but most think the US should ignore the Islamic world.

Two polls reveal that a large majority of Americans believe there is a global conflict between Islam and Western civilizations and that Americans are split over whether Muslims see the United States is an enemy, but they also think their country should ignore the Islamic world.

The Rasmussen polling organization released on Monday results of a telephone survey that showed nearly 63 percent of the respondents see a conflict between their civilization and Islam.

Only 18 percent felt there is no conflict, while the others are not sure, but the majority nevertheless take an isolationist view when asked, “Should the United States do more to encourage the growth of democracy in the Islamic world, or should it leave things alone?”

In a separate Rasmussen poll of likely U.S. voters, 39 percent believe that Muslims view the United States as an enemy, while 35 percent disagree. The remainder were not sure.

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